2.1.2006 - Start Riding Again And New Site

       After I tore my ACL in Denver at the AST qualifier I got burned out on riding. Not because of getting hurt, just because before that I was starting to get burned out and then when I got hurt I was just over it. I rode ramps one time 5 weeks after surgery and rode the track a few times, but other than that I have not been riding. Now I've decided that I want to give it another try. I have over 10 demo's lined up from March-Oct, So I got to practice to catch up for the time I have not been riding. Check back for updates.

2.26.2006 - Racing The Oklahoma State Series

       I'm going to race some of the rounds of the Ok State Series races. I'll post results and photos after each race.

3.7.2006 - 1st Round Of State Series

       I rode in the first round of the Okla State Series this past weekend. I got 2nd in the first moto and 8th in the second moto because I crashed twice. Ended up 4th over all.